Back in 1971 Mr Matthews a local Ironmonger decided he needed additional storage space so behind his shop he built a warehouse to store his extensive stock.

Fast forward to the 1990’s an Antique & Reclamation company called Insitu bought both the shop front & warehouse to sell their many items to the public.

In the early 2000’s Sandi Hodkinson bought both buildings using the shop front as a photographic studio & renting the Warehouse initially to a bed company & then to a mechanic running a local garage.

In 2010 Sandi moved her photographic business from the front to the back & Warehouse Studios were born, having an extensive knowledge of photography over the last 30 years, Sandi was well placed & understood what was needed for Studio Hire at a realistic budget.

Over the last few years the old Warehouse has been transformed into a popular base for all things creative, with an infinity cove, make-up & meeting areas, a parking space available & CCTV throughout along with a kitchen & many options on equipment ensuring a professional space for all creatives.