Band Photography at Manchester Studio

Band Photography at Manchester Studio is being shot by Helen Morrish this coming Sunday. Due to various commitments for everyone involved the shoot will be taking place at 5 pm through to the evening at no extra charge! Budget Studio Hire is the ideal Studio for Band Shoots.

Not only is the price exceptional good but the large white infinity cove makes shooting so much easier holding up to 15 people comfortably for a seamless white backdrop. Lighting is also available for hire at the Studio in Manchester for all Band Photographywhite backdrop band shoots band photography

Band shoot at Budget Studio Hire

Band shoot at Budget Studio Hire

Musicians and bands working to a small budget should call Sandi for Band Shoots at the Manchester Studio, where a a professional studio environment is essential for the right shot! Budget Studio hire provides great flexibility in opening and closing times accommodating each client’s individual requirements at no extra cost!

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