Studio Hire for Asian Make up Tuition

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Asian make up courses

Asian make up courses

Another enquiry came in over the weekend requiring Studio Hire for Asian Make up Tuition. The enquiry is for a three day booking on a regular monthly basis. When speaking to the co ordinator of the course, Coco intends to run make up courses for the Asian Wedding market.

I’ve also suggested when Coco’s up and running she may want to run a portfolio day where her students can have their work photographed either by myself or another fashion photographer which will help promote her courses and provide students with a portfolio, a necessary requirement for anyone entering this type of industry. To teach Asian make up tuition the studio hire has excellent facilities to accommodate  a variety of make up courses available in the Manchester area.

Last year I  provided Asian make up imagery for NS Make up’s website based in Stoke – On – Trent where the colourful traditional Asian costumes provides a lovely contrast with the traditional English weddings. To book Studio Hire for Asian Make up Tuition call Sandi at Budget Studio Hire in Manchester


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