Cheshire Studio Hire


For Studio Hire Cheshire, take a look at Budget Studio Hire who can provide you with studio space quickly. Budget Studio Hire offer an infinity wall which is a curved space that hides the join between the wall and ceiling and is perfect for photo shoots among other uses. There has just been fitted a brand new make up area and is a perfect place for shoots and castings with plenty of space for lighting. The make up area has four daylight mirrors which allows you to see the face in daylight rather than studio lighting and because there are four it allows for more than one make up artist to work at once which is really convenient when doing large shoots.

For Cheshire Studio Hire, Budget Studio Hire can even offer lighting as part of the hire package so everything you need for your shoot is on site and ready for you when you arrive, plus if you do need to bring in equipment or props the entrance to the studio is on the ground floor so no dragging expensive equipment upstairs.

Studio Hire Cheshire at Budget Studio Hire offers good quality facilities with a shared toilet on the first floor and communal kitchen facilities. Food and drinks can be provided at any time by Budget Studio Hire saving you the bother of having to find somewhere to eat or bring food and drink with you so come and have a  look around Budget Studio Hire when you are considering your next shoot.

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